For anyone wondering what Spike Lee's Chi-Raq movie will end up looking like, wonder no more. Lee's production company, 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks, released a trailer to the movie Tuesday.

The film will be a modern adaptation of the Greek comedy Lysistrata, in which the women of Greece decide to withhold sex from soldiers to end the Peloponnesian War. In this telling, it seems the women of Chicago will make a similar oath to end gun violence in the city.

In his first in-depth interview about the movie, Lee told Chicago magazine: "It is possible to address a very serious subject matter and still have humor. I’ve done it before. Do the Right Thing was serious as hell. It was so serious you can still show that film today—it’s still contemporary. But Do the Right Thing was also funny as a motherfucker."

You'll also notice American Idol alum Jennifer Hudson in the film—but don't expect her to start belting out notes in every scene. "Music is an integral part of every film I make," Lee told Chicago. "I would not classify it as a musical, though."

Read the interview for more about the movie—oh, and the part where Lee calls Rahm Emanuel a bully.

Teyonah Parris (Dear White People) will play Lysistrata. John Cusack, Nick Cannon, and Samuel L. Jackson also star. Chi-Raq opens December 4, 2015, in select theaters.