Next Tuesday, Dick Wolf's ballooning first-responders empire grows a third head with Chicago Med, a hospital procedural premiering alongside the producer's already interwoven Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. Ahead of the premiere, NBC hosted an all-out media blitz at Cinespace Studios on Monday, where all three shows film most of their interiors. There, casts and producers answered questions, led tours, and dazzled with fashy tech demos. Six things we learned, below.

Monica Raymund will perform in a musical at Lookingglass this summer

In a roundtable interview alongside Chicago Fire castmate Jesse Spencer, Monica Raymund, who plays Dawson on Fire, said she's "doing a musical at Lookingglass Theatre this summer." Presumably, that means she'll be in Kevin Douglas's world premiere, Thaddeus and Slocum, a "vaudeville adventure" about the segregated American show business circa 1908 set at Chicago's Majestic Theatre.

Monica Raymund and Jesse Spencer. Photo: Elly Fishman

Expect weekly PD/Fire/Med crossovers

Chatting with reporters, Chicago Med producer Andrew Schneider said characters from Fire and PD will appear "usually in every episode of Med, if only to bring in a patient or arrest somebody." Oliver Platt, who plays psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Charles on Med, also referenced five crossovers he'd already filmed this year, and Schneider confirmed his heavy involvement in PD this season. And finally, Colin Donnell, who plays lead trauma surgeon Dr. Connor Rhodes on Med, suggested that other franchise characters could very well end up on his operating table this season. (Med's fifth episode is a three-way crossover with Fire and PD, and a four-way crossover with Law and Order: SVU is reportedly in the works.)

House still haunts Jesse Spencer

Pressed on their involvement in Fire and PD's new sibling, Fire star Jesse Spencer (Matthew Casey) told Chicago he hadn't even met all the show's actors yet, let alone seen or appeared in any episodes. "I don't think they'll have me on Med," said Spencer. "I did House for too long. It freaks me out to even walk onto their set—I kind of don't want anything to do with it, in ice way. I think about all the fiddley stuff I used to have to do, and I'm so glad I don't have to do it anymore."

There will be blood (on Med)

During a fake-surgery demo in the show's staged interior hospital, series leads Colin Donnell and Nick Gehlfuss reported the show will feature up to three surgeries an episode, all expertly simulated right down to the corn-starchy blood vessel (see below).

Colin Donnell gets in it. Photo: Matt Pollock

Lieutenant Casey jams to Avril Lavigne and the Office Space soundtrack—on CD

During a tour of the Fire primary's on-screen apartment, Chicago did some snooping though Casey's prop possessions. Among them were Dick Wolf's crime novel The Ultimatum LP, the Office Space soundtrack, and an Avril Lavigne CD. Punk rock.

‚ÄčOliver Platt digs Lou Malnati's

Riffing on his various affections for Chicago—Cloud Gate, Crown Fountain, and a "lack of snootiness"—the Med actor shared his yen for Lou Malnati's. Chicago dining editor Penny Pollack might have something to say about that. No Portillo's yet, though.

Torching cars is still really impressive after four seasons

The day's grand finale was a pyrotechnics demo led by Chicago Fire tech director Steve Chikerotis and special effects coordinator John Milinac. The mechanics of Fire's explosions involve Sterno-esque pilot lights, two sources of propane (one steady and another compressed, for explosiveness), and at least one fire engine on site for safety. The result: