Mike Birbiglia

I'll admit I didn't know much about Mike Birbiglia until I saw his movie Sleepwalk With Me at the Music Box about a month ago. So when the opportunity came to see his new comedy show at the Victory Gardens Theater, I jumped at the chance—and Birbiglia did not disappoint. For a little over an hour, Birbiglia wove together two small stories of his life—the two times he has accidentally ended up at dinner with a girlfriend, her parents, and her ex-boyfriend—with other anecdotes that were as hilarious, riveting, and most of all, relatable (who among us doesn't have a memory of awkwardly slow dancing at a high school homecoming?) Although at times a bit too self-deprecating (he eventually had to hush the audience for feeling too sorry for his younger self), Birbiglia holds nothing back from some of the more embarrassing moments from his life—and everyone in the audience loved it. He's only in town through the weekend, so if you get the chance, GO.


Photograph: Joan Marcus