Mad Woman

The Chicago Tribune chats with cult comedian Maria Bamford before she performs at Athenaeum Theatre tonight.

Swan Soars

The Sun-Times really likes The Joffrey's production of Swan Lake.

Skin Deep

The Chicago Reader previews a new exhibit about race at the Illinois Holocaust Museum. 

Funny Ha Ha

Hubbard Street Dance and Second City are teaming up.

Review Revue:

The CW's new Monday night comedy, Jane the Virgin, starring Chicago native Gina Rodriguez, nabs stellar reviews:

Vulture: "Jane the Virgin is a shining example of how much a show can get away with as long as it takes its characters seriously."

The AV Club: "With its down-to-earth lead character and self-aware, but not self-parodying approach, Jane The Virgin is a breath of fresh air that will hopefully find a strong and loyal fan base."

The Hollywood Reporter: "The fall's best broadcast pilot also features fall's breakout star in Gina Rodriguez but sports a telenovela-inspired premise that's difficult to pull off, yet addictive when done right."