Eva Young, American Horror Story

Eva Young tells us she's been binge-watching American Horror Story, and the latest season is very topically based in the Trump era. Her look is inspired by creepy clowns and the beehive motif in the hit FX show.

Valentine Addams, It

Few horror films are as anticipated as the adaptation of Stephen King's It, which debuted last month and gave us all nightmares for weeks. And let's not forget the equally terrifying Kate McKinnon-as-Kellyanne Conway's SNL version.

Lucy Stoole, The Babadook

The 2014 cult favorite indie film got new life this year due to (what else?) a Tumblr meme claiming the titular monster was gay, after Netflix categorized the film in the LGBT section. Lucy's done the look before, but what better time to revive it than Halloween?

Discord & Gidget Von Addams, Glow

"We are definitely battling each other, more than being a tag team," Discord Addams (left) says of her relationship with Gidget. That's why she chose to be the villain—and Gidget is the hero—of the Glow world, a Netflix show about 1980s professional women's wrestling that debuted this year.

Nico, Jigsaw

Opening this weekend just in time for Halloween, Jigsaw is the ninth installment of the Saw series. It's been six years since the last one and we're preparing ourselves to be more disturbed than ever.

Imp Queen, "Hold my beer"

Go conceptual this year: Imp Queen describes this look as, "me, watching the shitstorm that is 2017." The meme has been around for a while, but this year it evolved into a reaction to national news getting crazier and more apocalyptic by the day. "The bug-eyed terror look is my visual interpretation of all those '2017 is the end of the world' memes," she says.