Culture ratWe're very excited to announce the launch today of our newest blog, C Notes. C Notes is a roundup of the latest news in music, film, theatre, art, pop culture, literature, and dance from across the city. We'll recap popular events in Chicago—from music fests to art shows—and we'll run photos, staff picks, and Q&As with authors and artists about their latest projects. Also look out for a new regular series, Drinking With…, where we take a Chicago notable out to his or her favorite bar for their drink of choice. We'll also expand our previews and reviews of local shows so you know the best things to do every week.

Now, about that name. It took us a while to arrive at one, including a long email chain among several editors. Some of the more juvenile runners-up: F(Art), Culturewhore!, Culture Lady of the Evening, Cuture Rat (with the mascot at right), Arted, I Just Arted. (Yes, we can be very immature.)

In the end, though, we ended up keeping it classy with an elegant suggestion from Fred Sasaki, the associate editor of Poetry magazine and founder of the Printers' Ball. Thanks, Fred, and happy reading, everyone.


Illustration: Michelle Corbelli