Johnny Knight

Matt Brumlow plays the legendary country singer in Hank Williams: Lost Highway.

“On Sunday, I’m going to see the matinee performance of Hank Williams: Lost Highway, produced by American Blues Theater (and, full disclosure, directed by my husband). Matt Brumlow, one of my favorite actors in town, stars and I’m psyched to see him as Hank. The rest of the cast is pretty amazing, too.” —Jennifer Tanaka, executive editor

“A lot of football–I'll be at the Northwestern/Syracuse game Saturday night and the Bears/Bengals game on Sunday. (Yes, I'll be actually sitting in the stands at both stadiums, two days in a row.) If I can swing it, I want to stop by the Hideout Block Party as well.”—Emmet Sullivan, senior editor

“The Cairo Gang are playing at the Burlington in Logan Square on Saturday; its new album Tiny Rebels is supremely '60s.—Matt Pollack, editorial intern

"This one almost slipped past me. But lucky me, A Cole Porter Songbook was extended, and I snagged two tickets for this Saturday night—near the end of the run. Sunday morning I’ll be the MCA to check out their special exhibit, Modern Cartoonist: The Art of Daniel Clowes.” I know his work from the New Yorker and think it will be cool to view his style up close."—Penny Pollack, dining editor

"On Sunday, I'm going to try to make it over to Studio 914 to see the Chicago-raised flutist/composer Nicole Mitchell perform a world premiere with members of her Black Earth Ensemble. Chicago Tribune critic Howard Reich tells the poignant story of Mitchell's extremely personal new composition, JBM: Images Beyond, here. —Cassie Walker Burke, executive editor

“I’m going to check out Willis Earl Beale at Schubas tonight. Ever since I read this awesome profile of the idiosyncratic musician in 2011, I’ve been super curious. On Saturday, I’m going to Stars of the Lyric Opera at Millennium Park. Catching a sneak preview of Otello for free? Sign me up! —Tomi Obaro, assistant editor