The shtick Mostly organic morning fare—both classic and not—for the gluten-averse, the toddler toter, and the commoner.

The vibe One of Sheridan Road’s lovely art-deco buildings houses this high-energy room where the tables are as tightly packed as the artwork on the walls (a mishmash of works from the owner’s favorite artitsts—many of whom have menu items named for them). The place was rockin’ on our Saturday morning stop-by, and brunchers ran the gamut from girlfriends sipping mimosas to kids doodling on place mats. 7 out of 10

The food To our delight, the feast began the second we reached our table, when the host plunked down a plateful of housemade spice cake—a moist, pumpkin-esque treat perfectly fitting for fall.

The menu is lengthy, with entire sections devoted to Benedicts and burritos, and more than a dozen gluten-free dishes. We zeroed in on burritos, opting for the Numero Dos ($10)—a mélange of sautéed veggies, buttery scrambled eggs, and black beans folded into a spinach tortilla and topped with melted cheddar. It cried out for some zip, and the sides of pico de gallo and salsa did the trick. Once kicked up a few spice notches, the filling was tasty; too bad the massive, one-note tortilla overpowered the dish.

Label us basic, but when pumpkin pancakes ($9) are on offer, we’re all in. Tweet’s version is dense and cinnamon-y throughout and finished with butter, whipped cream, a smattering of berries, and cinnamon-sugar. We’ve had more craveable specimens elsewhere, but had no problem polishing this one off. 7 out of 10

The drinks The cocktail list is all about the Bloody, offered a half-dozen ways ranging from classic to wasabi-spiked. We like it hot, so we ordered up the Ecstasy ($8)—the classic recipe kicked up with wasabi and sriracha. It was a beaut: a jumbo tiki glass with all the conventional condiments (plus the decidedly unconventional addition of a plastic cockroach). A divine balance of spices, with bits of pepper in every slurp. 10 out of 10

The service Simply stated: the best in recent memory. We were heartily greeted upon arrival, and the rest of the meal followed suit. Our server was fun-loving and knowledgeable, spending time chatting with each table but never missing a beat timing-wise. (Note to parents: There’s a reason the place teems with tots. Not only are kids treated like royalty, they’re immediately presented with a bowlful of bananas, a sippy cup, and an enormous basket of toys and books. Given all those diversions, brunch here may be your best chance for a peaceful meal.) 10 out of 10

Overall The food won’t change your life, but the killer Bloody Marys and outstanding service should land Tweet a spot on your must-try list. 8.5 out of 10

Note: Tweet is cash only. You can use the ATM in the corner, or you may want to come prepared.