Aside from Trader Joe’s, perhaps no store makes me happy as Ikea, that bastion of inexpensive, smart Swedish design. Now Karin Sullivan, a long-time friend and contributor to our magazine, has clued me in to a tip that made shopping there more fun. In a word, Bolingbrook. All things considered, if you can go to the Bolingbrook Ikea over Schaumburg, do it. It’s a straight shot out 88, and it’s much less crowded and easier to navigate. I bought tons of cute paper napkins for outdoor parties this summer (50 for $2.95), and fell in love with this printed canvas for $80. I also bought a fab coir doormat for $9.99 and a couple of frames for $13.99 each. For her daughter’s room, Karin made off with a loveseat that converts to a bed, colorful pillows, and some discounted fabric emblazoned with peace signs that will become curtains. A Sunday well spent!