Two posts in a row about Ralph. No, I’m not on his payroll, but I’m definitely fascinated by how a young man named Lifshitz who grew up in the Bronx could create such a deliciously WASP-y lifestyle empire. I bring this up because in the process of hunting down that sweater-style rug by Lauren that I wrote about two days ago (which, sadly, is no longer being made, according to Lauren’s press department), I became ensnared by his online marketing vehicle Ralph Lauren Home. You can’t shop on this Web site like you can on the regular Ralph Lauren Web site, but you are invited to learn how you, too, can live like Ralph in the “RL Style Guide.” Clearly, their MO is to get you to buy their stuff: The SHOP NOW icon appears shamelessly below tips on topics such as “adding glamour to your home without a complete overhaul” and making your indoor space “feel like the outdoors.” But the tips are pretty good and it’s fun to look at the videos and pictures. The photos are super-styled and super-luxe and their campaigns really do inspire you to live the RL lifestyle, if only in your mind. See you at the club!


Photography: Courtesy of Ralph Lauren Home