My spirited little dog Lucy does not suffer novelty hats or seasonal sweaters gladly, but she’s developed an eye for nice home design, I like to think. My fave Chicago pet store, Streeterville Pet Spa & Boutique (401 E. Ontario St.) just got in some new Italian lines that rolled us both right over. Owner Marion Thompson has a great eye and always stocks a lot of stylish creature comforts, including a rotating display case of dog treats that look good enough to serve bipeds, made by a local pastry chef. She told me these Milanese EGR beds use that super-tough Sunbrella fabric that won’t fade or stain, and they’re about $50 to $85. The designs are sort of wiener werkstatte meets Japanese print, all in a mid-cent-mod color palette.  With chic canine couches like these, who wouldn’t mind a couple lying around the house? Good girl, Marion! 

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