A few of us here at Home + Garden attended a media preview of this year’s DreamHome at the Mart (open to the public April 17 to December 18). This year’s entries were just as polished as ever, with a bit more of a traditional bent than in past years (at least I thought so). As usual, many inspiring ideas where shared by the designers. I liked the nature-meets-sparkle ambiance in Laurel Feldman’s foyer and Mick de Giulio had the most wonderful antique tapestry-like painted wood panel framing the chandelier above the chunky table in his kitchen. Larry Boeder loves a nice desk in a living room, which I found interesting. And the lush, deep-rosy color of the wallpaper in Missie Bender’s European-inspired bedroom had us all hailing the return of mauve! Here are some other favorites from our gang.

Jan Parr: “Loved the vintagey pivoting screens in the bathroom by Christoper Michiels and the mink-like rug in the TV
 room/study by Denise Antonucci and Jerry Sanfilippo. Also the farmhouse-meets-industrial vibe of the kitchen and the grouping of Nyphenburg plates as art in Leslie Jones’ fab dining room.”

Barri Leiner: “I heart the ‘Art in Motion’ video that was created by local design collaborative Thirst to play on a loop on the TV in the family room, the rug with the constellation map design in Janet McCann’s home office, and the extra space provided by the cool undersink drawer that Mick de Giulio designed for the kitchen. Also the general idea of kitchen as dining room—love that!” 

Bradley Lincoln: “I liked the bathtub fixtures, the constellation rug in the home office, the big, round dining room table chosen by designer Leslie Jones, the engraved floating marble shelf in the kitchen with patterns inspired by Art Deco details on the exterior of the Mart, and the Ann Sacks marble-tile-covered floor in the welcome lobby.”

Tate Gunnerson: “I thought the office constellation rug was interesting and I really liked the shag-rug-style pillows on the chairs in the TV room/study.  They remind me of my favorite dish at Lula Café in Logan Square, the Pasta Yia Yia.”

And the winner is…. That constellation rug! Check it—and all the other winning designs—out for yourself when DreamHome opens this weekend.