While in Paris, we stayed at a really cute, not-too-expensive hotel called Cluny Square (and if you’ve stayed in anything other than the George V while in this City of Crappy Little Hotels, you’ll understand why this find felt like a small miracle!). In the lobby, shown above, they had these petite Louis-esque chairs. My first reaction was—what’s up with the mini furniture? Napoleon may have approved, but most of us are taller than five feet (not by much, in my case, but still). Then, as we walked the city, I kept seeing these same, curvy, small-scale chairs everywhere. Now here I am back at my desk at Chicago Home + Garden, perusing the Jayson Home & Garden website, and what do I stumble upon? This little cutie, called the Julien—and it’s only $650. Turns out smaller might be better.