Smart Home opens today (Earth Day) at the Museum of Science + Industry, and if you like the idea of living green as much as you like a certain Andersonville shop called Scout, then you should definitely check it out. Scout owner Larry Vodak was tapped to do the interior design for this year’s house and the partnership could not be more apt. First, Vodak is fond of filling his shop with science-y and industrial things, whether it’s framed anatomy posters or steel cabinets that look like they came from a 1940s lab (he used just such cabinets—salvaged from the University of Chicago—for the kitchen cabinets in the Smart Home). Second, almost everything he sells is vintage or re-purposed, making it inherently eco-friendly. Vodak, along with his staffer Nicholas Moriarty (an interior designer), and several other talented collaborators, did a beautiful job of creating a cozy, eco-friendly space that translates the Scout aesthetic into a living, breathing house. Some of my favorite aspects of the show were the vignettes, including the ones shown above. Such attention to detail makes the Smart Home feel, well, homey. Bonus: it’s green, too.