The Smart Home: Green + Wired exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry reopens today for the 2012-2013 season, continuing to showcase attractive and eco-friendly designs by Chicago businesses.


Larry Vodak of Scout maintains the “Greenest Home in Chicago” interiors by using refurbished and reused pieces throughout the house’s three stories. The Andersonville shop owner isn’t new to the project, having designed the 2011 Smart Home makeover as well.


Other designers are featured throughout the home. Michelle Peterson-Albandoz of Las Manos Gallery, who is known for using reclaimed wood in her artwork, created the hanging wall piece that sits framed in the inlaid back wall. Garth Borovicka of Furniture Revival is responsible for more than a dozen of restored pieces used in the house, including the mountain of stacked boxes that accent Albandoz’ wall art. Ted Harris, who Vodak has often showcased at Scout, included two refurbished lamps to complete the accent wall pictured above.


In addition to refurbished interiors, the home includes native plants in the nearby landscape, vertical rain and vegetable gardens and a 40-ft wind turbine to complete the adjourning Smart Park.


The Smart Home will open for 30-minute tours beginning April 19, 2012, until January 6, 2013. The exhibit is not included in regular admission. Time-entry tickets are available for adults/seniors ($8) and children, ages 3-11 ($2).