Aldo Castillo Contemporary in the River East Arts Center is having a large, eclectic group exhibition starting Friday, September 5 with nothing priced over $500. We’re not talking posters and sketches here—these are original paintings, prints, and sculptures, from 40-plus established international artists. Chicago image-makers include Lorna Marsh, Scott Ashley, and Luis Fernando Uribe. There’ll be about 180 pieces on view, and the show stays up through October 11. Seems like a great way to start up or beef up your home art gallery. Me gusto mucho the pieces shown above by Carlos Zamora (left) and Amparo Climent (right). There’s an opening reception from 5:30 to 8:30, and I’m guessing small cubes of cheese and plastic tumblers of chardonnay will be involved. If you’re still hungry, grab some ceviche and drink in the scene next door at over-the-top resto Delacosta.