It’s that back-to-school time of year again, and even though I haven’t seen the inside of a classroom in a while I still think about grade school shopping lists of Pink Pearl erasers, number two pencils, and Mead spiral notebooks every time the dog days of August start barking. (Maybe it’s the tree-and-a-half’s worth of circulars that slips out of my Sunday papers every week.) Kids have a lot more options these days, though. I saw some great, stylish school/office supplies the other day at Staples. No kidding. Who’da thunk that this utilitarian supplies chain would come out with a quirky line of stationary and office products that rivals Target in its creativity and sophistication? The line is called M by Staples, and it’s available at select Staples locations (4610 N. Clark Street, for one) with limited online availability. I especially like these pushpins and binder clips that are made to look like old typewriter keys. They’re $5.99 for a set of eight, and they’ve taken my cubicle to the head of the class.