Leon Leonwood (his friends call him L.L.) Bean has opened a huge new store at the Old Orchard mall in Skokie—only their second retail location in Illinois—and I think that there’s something very comforting about that. In trying economic times, chunky warm Bean boots, aromatic Maine balsam wreaths, and striped Hudson’s Bay blankets are appealingly nostalgic. Prices are reasonable, quality’s sturdy, and you can’t beat their customer service. I liked this line of Mission-style hardwood furniture (that bookshelf is only $179) and some surprisingly modern hand-hooked wool rugs (that’s the Multi Windmill pattern, and it’s $499 for a 6’ x9’ size). While you’re at it, get yourself one of those prepped-out monogram tote bags for greener grocery runs, and a set of buffalo-plaid flannel sheets to tuck in with the latest issue of Chicago Home + Garden. Just stay away from the mom jeans.