You need a PhD from MIT to figure out the sales at a lot of stores this time of year. Discounts on this-but-not-that; special extreme bonus savings on Monday and Thursday (but only on items that start with A-M); knock an extra 23% off if you bring in a can of turkey chili…it’s too much. That sort of thing drives me crazy, which is why I’m thankful that Stuart from Architectural Artifacts is keeping it simple this year at his twenty-first annual holiday sale. Everything from soup to nuts in this crazy-cool store is 50% off, now until December 23. A.A. is just the place for meeting those quirky pieces that will add soul, history, and humor to your home and yard. So get over and save big bucks on things like this cast-aluminum clown head (was $895), the swiveling table and chairs set (was $4,200), or a circus banner (was $3,800). Thanks for cutting us a deal, Stu.