I love my sofa, but I don’t stare at it for eight hours a day. Instead, I’m looking at a little computer screen. Hello there. Anyway, that’s why I and the rest of the world’s designophiles are converting to GoogleChrome, the sleek and speedy Web browser that’s outfitted with 100 background patterns from designers like Jonathan Adler, Marcel Wanders, Vivienne Westwood, Michael Graves, and many more. Google launched these “Artist Themes” in early October after enlisting designs from leading artists, architects, musicians, illustrators, filmmakers, and fashion and interior designers from around the world. “We recognized that users spend a lot of time in their browser—more time than in their car,” Google spokesman Eitan Bencuya says. In fact, the average adult spends 142 minutes in front of a computer screen each day. “We wanted to give users an opportunity to have something speak to them, that reflects their tastes and livens up the browsing experience." The result? Whether it be with Jonathan Adler’s groovy shades of blue; Vivienne Westwood’s iconic futuristic orb; or British homeware design sensation Cath Kidston’s hot-pink roses, my online universe is now as stylish as my living room—and much more cost-efficient to swap out.