As a sucker for all things Parisian, it should not be surprising that I’m attracted to the new bistro-style tables at Restoration Hardware. Designs and prices vary (the one above is described on the company’s website as an 18th-century tilt-top brasserie-style table and is $795).  I like this piece’s scale and heft, but as I sometimes feel with Restoration Hardware’s revisits on classics, it might be trying a little too hard to evoke a certain je ne sais quoi—and it ain’t cheap either! (My friend Claire Zulkey wrote an amusing essay about the “people who live at Restoration Hardware,” which I must share while we are on the subject!) Well, like I said, I’m a sucker. And it seems the folks at Restoration Hardware have similar Francophile leanings, so what can I say? J’adore.