You’re not forgetting your four-legged friends for the holidays, are you? Kelly Rausch of Twice, the furniture revival/upholsterering shop, has a new line of pet beds. Shown here are two types: a puffer bed (occupied by cat and dog pals) and one made with a non-PVC vinyl. The vinyl comes in a lot of textures and colors; this one is mock croc. The insert is an old Pendleton blanket that was cut up and re-made into the pillow. All pieces are stuffed with kapok, an organic fiber Rausch says is five times lighter than cotton, plus is moisture- and odor-resistant. “It’s unbelievably soft; nicer than down, in fact,” she says. The pillow is zippered so it can be removed and washed, and the vinyl can be sprayed and wiped down to clean it. For your pet’s bed, you can choose shape, size, and fabric (Twice offers a great selection)—or bring Fido’s own favorite old blanket. Beds start at $99.