There’s a new interior design firm in town. Greg Jagmin, who has ten years of experience as a partner with Anne Coyle and at Hudson Home, a design/build firm, also has a past life in accounting, making him the kind of eye you want on the job. I love his surprising color combinations, penchant for fine lines, and the construction and budgeting know-how needed to make a solid and stately plan for a kitchen, bath—or your whole darn house! He’s as dapper as he is casual—the perfect peek into his decorating psyche (check out his childhood pic—he’s still Mr. Sportcoat). With clients in Dallas, Orlando, and here in Chicago, he’s off and running. “I am always interested in creating a classic with modern elements,” he says. “I love French furnishings, fine but fun fabrics, and a little bit of glass, chrome, gilt, or mirror always in the mix.” He has reconditioned and restored a few pieces from the past in my own place, and his surprising take always impresses me.  His new blog, written with older sib Chris, a graphic designer with a fab line of home products we’ve featured in the mag , is my latest addiction. The combination of childhood snaps, back and forth banter, and tales of their two cities—Greg here and Chris in Arizona—make me smile. Sign up, then get Greg’s email,, and phone, 312-316-0968, on your speed-dial pronto.