Turns out Bladon Conner, one of our favorite local designers (see our story about him here and his awesome Graffiti cabinet featured here) has some pretty cool neighbors in the Rockwell Industrial Corner, where his studio space is located. The folks behind Green Sawn sustainable furniture (see photo, right) and Kindling , a cool wood accessories line (see photo, above left), create their own masterpieces smack across the hall from Conner (read more about all of them in our upcoming May/June issue). I stopped by the Green Sawn space last week and was utterly taken with owner Aaron Pahmier’s furniture designs, some of which are collaborations with Conner; Aaron’s sister, Megan, designs the Kindling line, which her bro produces.  On February 7 at 3 p.m., at 2612 W. Nelson St., 773-516-8686, the three are gathering their wares for an open house. This is a budding group to watch—and here’s a chance to buy their one-of-a-kind pieces straight from the sources.