Terry Ledford, the owner of The White Attic just informed us that the Lamp Bar he has at his Andersonville shop now lives online, too. I just checked it out and it is so much fun creating your own lamp. It’s like going to an amazing salad bar, only here your lettuce is a bunch of different lamp bases, and your toppings are a choice of different-sized lampshades in your choice of colors and patterns. Are you following me, or did you lose me at lettuce? Actually, it’s more fun than a salad bar. The site’s interface allows you to create an image (like the one shown above) of exactly what your lamp will look like, with all the elements scaled to size. Don’t like the shade pattern? Click on a different one and it will upload immediately to your working design. You will tinker for hours, and once you make a decision, you will get a one-of-a-kind lamp for about $300.