Whether you are a guy in search of a man purse or gal in need of a rugged go-everywhere satchel, I defy you to find a more durable option than the locally made Defy Bags. (I also defy you to write this blog without making that pun.) They can afford to be cocky about the durability factor, given that their wares are made of such indestructible materials as recycled semi-truck tarps, bicycle inner tubes, and car seatbelts. I like The Urban Cowboy ($140), shown above, made from reclaimed tractor inner tubes with a solid steel and brass buckle imported from Austria… Why import a buckle, you ask? Because these people mean business, that’s why. Buy such a bag, and you just might own it forever—not to mention it will look awesome thrown down casually on your vintage Milo Baughman chair. They’re carried at Scout.