Have you ever seen a piece of art in a movie or on TV and absolutely had to have it, only to never find it again? I certainly know the feeling—there’s a gorgeous German poster hanging in Frasier’s apartment that’s eluded me for years. Those who see the art in the new Vince Vaughn comedy, The Dilemma, won’t have that problem. Local artist Francine Turk, a favorite of interior designers, has some 15 pieces in the film, and she’ll be at Gallery KH (311 W. Superior St., 312-642-0202) for a cocktail reception this Thursday, February 10 from 6–8 p.m., to talk about the pieces that appear in Vaughn’s character’s apartment. For sale: vintage-framed charcoal nudes like the piece pictured, equestrian paintings, and grave rubbings (imprints of real tombstones) such as this cross piece. “The grave rubbings are kind of macabre, but really interesting and beautiful,” says Shannon Rather, assistant director of the gallery. We can’t guarantee you’ll love the movie (its lukewarm reviews aren’t exactly sending us running to the theater), but we’re sure the art won’t disappoint.