I recently got a preview of the Trump Tower model units, all decorated by Mary Cook & Associates. They told me The Donald had just been by the day before to approve the work—it’s no surprise that he did NOT declare, “you’re fired.” He loved what they’d done. Cook and her team have created five lovely interiors that can give anyone living in a small or awkward space some great ideas. I love the white-lacquered table that offers a dining space (above), and, in the same photo, how Cook removed a closet to make room for a small work space (this one was designed for a creative person who likes to be surrounded by samples and swatches). The bedding in all the models is to die for; check out the burlap bedspread in this studio. Though Trump Tower is a completely modern building, this Westerny, rustic room looks completely at home here. Cook is also behind the Hard Rock Chicago’s Angels & Kings bar.