Angela Finney-Hoffman, the owner of Post 27 and one the most creative woman we know, finishes this week’s sentences.


1. I eat like an absolute pig when I go to Mana Food Bar. Words cannot describe the heavenly little wonder that is the Mana Slider.


2. My libation of choice is a splash of Elija Craig over cracked ice and a good helping of real ginger beer. I'm from the South—this girl loves her bourbon.


3. The most aesthetically pleasing place I've visited recently was Donald Judd’s home and studio in Soho. I have gone several times and recommend it to everyone. This space is the prime example of edited design —no fuss, minimal, but not stark. Old and new are married so naturally and comfortably. A real space, without unnecessary objects to "collect dust," as my mom would say.


4. The best music for a dinner party is Brenton Wood for a low-key evening with close friends and Serge Gainsbourg for a sassy and sexy gathering with more complex dishes.


5. My turn-to wardrobe item is my Jim Barnier boots—made to order in LA. I have walked miles and miles in them and they are still looking as hot as ever. Fashion and function are key for me, especially when it comes to shoes. No one looks good in shoes that obviously hurt.  


6. The best book I’ve read lately is Haruki Marakami’s Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. This is such a visual read. This man is truly a designer of spaces—only he uses words to produce them. Beyond brilliant.