Photo caption: Designer Kim Lewis, top right, gives advice for integrating bold quartz countertops in Rosso Monza, left, and Orange Cool, right, both from Silestone, into your living space.

Tangerine Tango is Pantone's color of 2012, and Extreme Makeover's Kim Lewis has some tips for using it and similar bright shades. Check out her advice, below, on invigorating kitchens and baths with tangerine hues.

1. Add an accent. A bold countertop becomes an eye-popping statement when combined with bright accessories (vases, art, linens) and glossy white cabinetry.

2. Immerse your space. With orange countertops, Lewis likes to pair dark or steely colors and sleek cabinetry, allowing the dynamic color to saturate a space.

3. Think outside the countertop. Surfacing materials can be used to wrap bathtubs, as shower benches, or in fireplace surrounds. Think creatively to incorporate color.