Blik Pac-Man decals, left, $45 for 75 pieces. Sherwin-Williams Easychange wallaper in the ink black, white, neutral collection (color: cream and off white), $37 per roll.

Removable, peel-and-stick wallpaper is the perfect product for decorators with attention deficit disorder. We’ve noticed a recent upswing in its cool-factor, and top designers and manufacturers are jumping on board: Jonathan Adler just announced his new line from Wallpops (read more in this weeks Domestica); Sherwin-Williams is expanding its collection of Easychange wallpaper, with bright damasks, stripes and kids patterns; and decal shop Blik just came out with Pac-Man decorations that will take you back (although it’s likely that you’ll appreciate them more than your kid, who might never have seen an actual Pac-Man game in his life). Since these come off with an easy peel and a wet sponge to remove traces of glue, you can feel free to change your mind or concept, lickety-split.