As he installed my new pedestal sink the other day, my handyman mentioned that in his spare time, he makes hubcap clocks in a workshop out of the basement of his Beverly home. Interesting, I thought. Later, I looked them up on Etsy (under the shop name All Gearhead) and they are pretty darn cool—great for a teenaged boy’s room, dad’s home office, or any space that needs a little found-in-the alleys of Chicago grit to give it some edge. I like the 1960s Volvo one, shown above (he’s got four of them, $30 each). And wouldn’t you know it, his wife is on Etsy, too—with a slightly daintier offering: hand-silkscreened organic pillows that she designs and makes herself under the shop name KarenBucinaDesign (also $30). I’m a fan of the zebra print. Oh, and I like my new sink, too! The Bancroft from Kohler, which I found at Lowe’s.