Yesterday we checked out the new collections at Room & Board and let’s just say we were not disappointed. Every year the company introduces a new signature chair, and this year’s Louis is an elegant, well-priced one ($899) that’s stocked in a navy blue and houndstooth fabric (also available in leather for $1,699)—at once modern and classic. Another cool chair: the Tiffany, a lovely polycarbonate—it’s that Lucite look we love¬—number that’s durable enough for outdoor use and fabulous enough for your dining room ($199 for side chair, $249 for arm chair; available in solid colors as well). Moving on from the seating options, I really like felt rugs and I also like square-shaped rugs (so often area rugs only come in rectangular configurations—though you can get custom sizes through R&B), so I fell in love with the Fuller felted rug ($1,715 for 7 by 7 feet), shown above. I was also so impressed by the workmanship of the Munich storage/media cabinet. Available in solid walnut or cherry, the sliding veneered tambour door panels look completely smooth when closed (see photo above). With a stainless steel base and handles, it’s a true beauty ($2,799). I’m off to save my pennies.