Fiandre threw a party last week to announce a new technology: porcelain tiles that actually help improve air quality. How do Active Clean Air tiles do that, you ask? Photocatalytic technology. What’s that? It’s a natural phenomenon that involves light, moisture, and a photocatalyst—in this case, titanium dioxide. Still with me? When light (natural or artificial) comes in contact with the titanium dioxide, the result is oxidation. Oxidation is good, because it makes the tile an antipollutant (a 250-square-foot wall tiled in Active eliminates bacteria and reduces pollutants to the same extent as an average-sized tree). It is also antibacterial—surfaces are disinfected and bacteria is eliminated. The tile can be used inside and out, and as a bonus, looks terrific. See it for yourself and learn more at Fiandre’s light-filled showroom at 314 W. Superior St., 312-506-2880.