This is your official warning never to trash a piece of furniture found in your basement or inherited from an elderly aunt. A new breed of designer is turning classic shapes into modern pieces by changing up the finishes and fabrics. Recovered Interior, an enterprise run by 27-year-old Harrington Design School grad Kylie Egge, who is also a design consultant at OrangeSkin, says, “reinventing an old piece of furniture not only helps rescue a bit of history from a landfill but it also creates a one-of-a-kind piece that has a solid structure and a story of its own.” Here we show a chair she’s covered with cloth from an old feed bag, an ingenious ottoman whose legs fold up, and a couple other pretty pieces. In addition to selling pieces she has found and redesigned, she also offers the service for any piece of furniture. Egge’s showroom on the north side is open by appointment only (we checked it out at her opening party Friday night), or browse her Etsy store. And check out another local business much like this one, Kelly Rauch’s fab Twice, which we feature in our latest print issue (July/August), on newsstands now.