We love a good redo as much, or more, than anyone. So we were happy to receive photos of a great project from Designstorms’ Amy Storm, who worked on a River North penthouse created by combining two units. As you can see, “makeover” doesn’t even begin to describe this transformation. Before starting on it, Storm met only twice with the client, who then went out of town. Over the next ten days, everything was cleared from the apartments except a chandelier in the dining room, and Storm had the millwork contractor, carpet installer, electrician, painter, and drapery installer work around the clock. The furniture arrived on day ten, and the homeowner returned to Chicago two hours later. This is the stuff of HGTV, people! Check out the fresh new look and beautifully updated furnishings. Who wouldn’t love to go out of town and return to such a new-and-improved abode?