Most of our staff came out last week for Morlen Sinoway’s Guerilla Truck Show, his way-cool annual anti-Neocon event. It showcases independent artists and designers around town, who pull trucks up to Sinoway’s loading dock in Fulton Market to show their wares.
    Our associate art director, Adam Moroschan, had this report:
•Met Dale Meiners of Trimline Custom Designs, who does a lot with veneers and custom woodworking. He talked about how to trick out standard cabinets,including various hinge options, backlighting options, veneers, etc. (I really like the bar stool prototype on his site as well.)
Nevin Peters is doing some interesting sustainable side tables. I loved the texture and pattern of the top panel.
•Jason Wade of 45 degrees has made four very modern chairs out of a single piece of wood. He had a great photo album that showed the entire process. The ultimate in recycling.
•Really liked the quality and lines of Jason Lewis’ mid-century-modern–like furniture.