Jeff Koons’ New Hoover Convertible, 1981-1986

I recently attended the MCA’s press preview of the provocative and downright kitschy artist Jeff Koons and was left inspired by the way Koons elevates everyday household items to high-art status. Hoover Convertibles under glass. Wow! A toaster memorialized in a florescent bulb backdrop. Cool! We sit around in editorial planning meetings oohing and ahhing about the latest stainless pots and pans, groovy garbage cans, and finely designed bars of soap. Hey, don’t we, too, desire to bring people the latest in cool wares? Don’t we memorialize materialism? Note for next meeting: figure out a way to elevate it to a new level. Does the MCA hear us knocking? Just teasing Mr. Koons. Seriously, please pop by this only-in-Chicago affair and see how it inspires you.