Indie home shops have been hanging up their shingles in Andersonville at a frenzied rate these days, and there’s a brand-new kid in town that really shines. Owner Paul Lechlinski chose this strip of North Clark (5438 North) to open Room Service in part because of its proximity to Scout and White Attic, and there’s definitely a shared sensibility. Lechlinski, a California native, has a background in the luxury apparel industry and moved to Chicago four years ago to head up Oak Park–based Oilily USA. He’s put together a great mix of vintage furniture/accessories and new product lines here, including a collection of Lafco House & Home candles ($52) concocted by fragrance for each room in the house. Cilantro-orange-watercress for the kitchen, fresh-cut grass for the laundry, etc. The mid-century furniture is culled from all over the country, and impeccably reupholstered and refurbished. I was feeling this lacquered blue metal chest ($595) and tubular steel chairs ($250 each). Maybe I can find a denim-blueberry candle to go with them.