I love the idea behind the new frame shop called FoundRe that recently opened in Wicker Park: wood frames should really look like wood. Often, frames are so lacquered up that you can’t even see the wood’s natural grains. Or, they are so ornate that you can’t see past them to the art they’re supposed to be framing. At FoundRe, veteran framer and furniture maker Raun Meyn uses wood reclaimed from barns and demolished buildings to make gorgeous frames that have remnants of chipping old paint on them (which Meyn seals) or that can be stained in a variety of colors, from a natural-looking finish to a bright red hue. The result of his craftsmanship is a warmer, more unique home for your work of art. (Meyn’s smaller photo frames, many of them made of distressed painted wood, are also carried in other boutiques in town, such as Foursided and Hazel). Meyn also uses his huge stash of reclaimed lumber to make mirrors, headboards, tables, chairs, and more.