As a designer and a resident of Andersonville, I am constantly coming across great finds in lots of easygoing vintage décor shops popping up around the Andersonville neighborhood. The best in vintage home decor is tucked along Clark Street just North of Foster Avenue. Much like the neighborhood itself, the vintage scene isn’t pretentious or expensive, and you can't beat the casual eclectic vibe. In addition to the old standbys such as Brown Elephant (5404 N. Clark) and Edgewater Antique Mall (6314 N. Broadway) several newer spots have sprung up along Clark. The Hutch (1550 W. Olive) is the place for all things vintage in entertaining. Plates, glassware, jars, silverware, and accessories are charmingly displayed in this gem of a spot. For the mid-century lover, Room Service (5438 N. Clark) has everything from iconic seating and funky lighting to chic accessories and retro inspired modern pieces. If you like a vintage feel but a more updated look, head to White Attic (5225 N. Clark) where you can customize paint and hardware on vintage pieces (see the dresser pictured here). Check out the "lamp bar"; it’s a mix-and-match experience with endless possibilities.

A guest blog from Nicole Oehler of Chicago-based Radford Design