At the eighth annual Guerrilla Truck Show Tuesday outside host Morlen Sinoway’s eponymous store on Fulton Market (a slew of food vendors, musicians and deejays joined more than 50 local furniture makers and artists, who created custom Budget-truck installations), flatpacking was all the rage.

We spotted this line of practical, lightweight tables and stools from Modern Farm Furniture Co., which are built for easy assembly from durable ash and walnut plywood. The mix-and-match products, called a. Line, are made to order out of Columbus, Ohio, and are available in three sizes, from $146 for the stool to $200 for the large coffee table. The folks at Weetu delighted us with their flat-pack Plant Lamp, a translucent container that will give your interior landscaping an otherworldly glow. The polyethylene forms come precut and prescored for assembly, with nylon snaps and a space for threading a small lightbulb into the base of the planter. Another perk? They’re made entirely from materials sourced in the United States. Available in small or large, $170 and $340, on the Weetu website.

We also checked in on one of our favorite up-and-coming designers, woodworking gal Greta de Parry, who debuted the adjustable model of her popular Coleman stool. Check them out at the new Solemn Oath Brewery in Naperville, where they hold court at the handcrafted bar. We also loved the oversized knuckle of Chicago designer Steven Haulenbeek’s Ramus Lamp, made from socket splitters, electrical tape and anywhere from two to six showcase bulbs ($60-$120).