Amy Doehla of Willow just sent us a sneak peek of what’s coming to her store for spring. Willow is a great place for affordable home accessories that double as conversation starters. Doehla was one of the first in Chicago to embrace the whole stag-head-as-décor thing. I’ve always loved the idea of this look but I don’t think I could actually live with it–I imagine being perpetually startled by the presence of a large deceased animal in my home. The House and Home section in the New York Times recently declared the trend dead (does it get deader than being declared dead when you are already dead?), but despite the backlash, Doehla is not abandoning her old antlered friends, offering a cardboard version from Cardboard Safari. She’s also carrying the coolest trash receptacle ever: a simple clothespin contraption that celebrates rather than conceals the old Hefty! And, the best is the Frozen Smiles ice tray-it’s shaped like dentures, so when water freezes in it, the ice is in the shape of dentures. Throw that into fancy-pants’s drink! Girl has a sense of humor about design. That’s why we love Willow!