P.O.S.H. is doing some serious spring cleaning, slashing prices and hauling everything out of the basement, attic, and warehouse to set up the annual “Dish Ran Away With the Spoon” sale, March 6-15. I used to drop by this store a lot, to kill time before movies at the Music Box Theatre back when they were still in their original location, on Southport. Like NYC’s Fish Eddys, they specialize in china and silver from restaurants, ocean liners, country clubs, etc., that have gone under. It’s fun to find platters and plates with weird logos or loopy monograms, and mix them up with your other tableware. Make up your own P.O.S.H. provenance! Did you know that the acronym stands for “Port Out, Starboard Home” which some say comes from the time of the Raj, when highfalutin travelers between England and India booked the best, most expensive rooms based on a location that was in the shade most of the time, therefore cooler? History lesson over—now go buy a bargain gravy boat.