When I walked by the tiny display of Ceramika Artystyczna Polish stoneware at the Housewares Show (yes, there is yet more to cover on that subject!), I couldn’t help but think of this kitchen, which I saw on an Apartment Therapy post about grey kitchens a while ago. I don’t own any blue and white dishes (nor do I have a grey kitchen, for that matter), but I always find myself attracted to both. I love the grey cabinets in this pic—what an easy fix if you hate your icky wood or white ones! As for the dishes, I like the idea of incorporating old-world, European-style pieces on a modern table, or using a bunch for decorating against a white background. The line shown here has just been picked up by Coveny Lane in Riverside, but you can find the same look in mismatched varieties at thrift shops and antique stores.