A guest post from Blair Friedeman, editor of the blog Delight by Design, and project manager at
Megan Winters Atelier and Maison.

This project is a fun and inexpensive way to transform a simple terracotta pot into something glamorous and graphic. You won’t want to banish these pots to your back stoop—I almost welcome cooler temperatures just to be able to bring mine inside!

What you will need:

  • Terracotta pots and saucers, in various sizes
  • Painters tape in various widths (I used .75”, 1” and 1.5” wide)
  • Krylon indoor/outdoor white spray paint with gloss finish  
  • Rustoleum specialty metallic gold spray paint
  • Wax paper

Step 1: Clean off any excess dirt on both the pots and saucers.

Step 2: Place clean and dry pieces on a covered surface, such as newspaper with wax paper placed on top (this prevents the painted pot from sticking to and picking up any bits of newspaper).

Step 3: Spray pots and saucers with a layer of white spray paint and let dry before applying a second coat. Two coats should be sufficient.

Step 4: Making sure the paint has completely dried (important!) apply  painter’s tape to pots in your desired pattern. Experiment with different widths of tape to make the patterns more interesting. For a chevron pattern, ensure the two pieces of tape forming the “v” are at the same angle. Remember that the area you cover with tape is the portion of the pot that will remain white.

Step 6: Spray taped pot and saucer with a coat of the metallic paint.

Step 7: Let the pieces dry completely before carefully removing the tape.

 Bonus: The saucers can also double as casual drink coasters or beautiful receptacles for jewelry and small personal items.