Ever checked into Fort Pitt? Known for its warehouse full of used hotel furnishings from across the country, they’ve recently hit the penthouse! The Ritz-Carlton Chicago is redecorating 23 top-floor suites and Fort Pitt is selling the furniture and accessories the hotel is unloading—Louis XVI styles complete with ball and claw foots details, solid and stately pieces from big-name makers Traditional Hickory, Thomasville, Baker, as well as Frederick Cooper lamps in marble and solid brass (owner Scott Zawitz scored a few for his hip homestead—see his place in the July/August issue of Chicago Home + Garden). I’d love the half-moon tables in an entry hall, decorative side tables mixed into a more modern interior, elegant armoires, sleeper sofas as instant guest quarters. It’s all in great shape but a tad traditional for our eye. At these prices ($99–$299) we say the occasional upholstered chairs are ripe for your reupholstery, and fine wood pieces ready for a repainting, refinishing, or lush coat of lacquer. DIY or ring Agnes Barron, at Meble Custom Design Studio, 773-772-8200; she’s done the trick on many a find. See the Ritz haul at 1400 W. 37th St., Saturdays 9:30AM to 5:30PM and Sundays noon-5PM.