More of stylist Susan Victoria’s picks from ICFF, from top left clockwise: 

Orbs with striped ribbons from Tracy Glover: Customers can pick their favorite shape, color, and pattern of Venetian-style glass and combine them to create a custom lamp, partition, or hanging light fixture. 

Fun Bjork stools by Lena Bergstrom for Design House Stockholm are like stumps in the forest…textured woven fabric with leather trim, easy to move around. 

You just want to pick up these "Quake" cups of thin clay by Gustaf Nordenskiold for at Design House Stockholm. The designer shook them randomly for this shape that fits your hand. 

I  just love this “Pie” table at Blu Dot. Fun new construction for a small-scale coffee table! 

Along the same lines of the Bergstrom stools, Martha Sturdy’s wood stump tables are part of her new Natural Elegance grouping. Sturdy is a Vancouver sculptor who creates confident, large-scale objects in resin, copper, and organic materials. I also love her tall ridged metal candlesticks.