The Jewish marriage contract, or Ketubah, is something every couple that gets married before a rabbi must sign. It’s also something many newlyweds like to turn into art for their homes. Plenty of Web sites and Judaica shops offer services that will transform your Ketubah into a “work of art,” but few (if any) offer a modern sensibility (which is in large part—the other part is pure laziness—why my own Ketubah is on 8½ by 11 Xerox paper, folded up, in a drawer). Mod Jewish couples listen up: Jason Pickleman of JNL Graphic Design (see our story about his home here ), the creative mind behind all that cool lettering on the walls at the Montrose station on the Brown line and much more, just emailed us about his latest venture, CoolKetubah. His hip designs would really fit into any decor.