I just checked out Bucktown’s Mongo Home (1753 N. Damen Ave., 773-486-6200), a joint venture between the owners of Architectural Artifacts and Urban Remains, both of which are very cool but pretty messy and unedited salvage shops. This more-polished destination is amazing! It has unique pieces galore, from a working vintage foosball table ($2,400) to a great little pair of knee-high nude iron statues ($4,800 for both) that would be great in a foyer. There is a lot of furniture, too. I just about flipped when I saw the low, wide vintage vaulting bench from the Czech Republic shown above (and not because I was channeling my gymnastics days—I cannot even do a cartwheel!). I’ve been on a hunt for an unusual (and unusually large coffee table) for months now and this one was perfect for my needs, though at $4,800 a little out of my price range. Still, there was plenty there that was affordable, including a whole pile of charcoal sketches on charmingly yellowing old paper for $55 a drawing. Mongo Home also offers free consultations by on-site interior decorator Kara O’Connor, who will come to your home and help you figure out if the piece you are considering will work for your space.